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The McIntyre Men

For everyone who loves the Brand Family!

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“Maggie Shayne is a reader’s joy! A remarkable talent.”
~NY Times Bestselling Author TERESA MEDEIROS


The McIntyre Men, Book 1

Wounded warrior Darryl Champlain is on a journey to find peace. He’s lost his one chance at fatherhood and an IED in Iraq ensured he will never have another. Dr. Sophia McIntyre takes refuge with the only family she has left, in Big Falls Oklahoma. She’s running from an ex and a scandal that have cost her a job, a relationship, an entire life, and maybe her career. But Big Falls has plans for them both, because miracles happen here. Especially at holiday time.

The McIntyre Men, Book 2

Rob McIntyre has a thing about honesty. Ever since being lied to almost broke him, he’s been living an authentic life, one that doesn’t include lies. So he can’t figure out why he’s so drawn to Kiley, a woman who lies every time she opens her mouth. Kiley Capone is a con woman, born and raised. But she doesn’t want to be. She just needs to run one last game, so she can leave her life of crime behind. And Rob is her mark. 


The McIntyre Men, Book 3

Joey has no idea his summer love affair resulted in a child, until Emily shows up in Big Falls with three-year-old Matilda Louise by her side. His anger at Emily for never telling him about his little girl has to be set aside, however. Matilda is sick and only a miracle will save her. Together, her parents are determined to put their fear and grief aside and give her the best Christmas ever, because it might be her last.

And coming soon….

The McIntyre Men, Book 4

Sunny is known around Big Falls as the woman who lives up to her name. She’s upbeat, friendly, talented and kind, and her bakery, Sunny’s Place, is a fixture in the small town. She’s everything Jason McIntyre wants in a woman. But all that changes when her shadowy past shows up to destroy the life she’s built. A woman from her past with every reason to hate her, a boy who’s torn between his mother’s anger and his love for Sunny, and a wealthy, powerful man is on their hells, a man who will destroy them all if he ever tracks them down. 


Believe Again…
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The McIntyre Men

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Maggie Shayne delivers romance with sweeping intensity and bewitching passion. Readers will lose themselves in her dark, enthralling brew of love, danger, and perilous fate.

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The Shattered Sisters Books 1, 2 and 3 on sale now! Book 4, Hunted, has been delayed but we're working hard to get the issue resolved.

The McIntyre Men are coming!   Book 1, Christmas Blues and Oklahoma Moonshine on sale now. Oklahoma Starshine releases Thanksgiving week. Preorder links and video trailer live now.

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