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Because Autumn is Maggie Shayne Season!

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Autumn Chills & Halloween Thrills!
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Your First FREE Autumn Treat
Wings in the Night: Reborn, Book 1

“Maggie Shayne Re-invents Romance!”
~RT Bookclub Magazine


They told 20-year-old Charlotte “Charlie” O’Malley that they had a cure for the rare blood condition that would eventually kill her–an untested, experimental cure. All they wanted in return was for her to join their elite team and train to kill the Undead.

She takes the deal, because this cure will also, they claim, make her strong. Stronger than ordinary humans. Strong enough to kill the vampire who’d pretended to love her, taken her blood, used her body, and murdered her mother…

But in this world, nothing is as it seems. Charlie was born for a purpose, a purpose some would kill to keep her from fulfilling.

Do not miss this series from the author who launched the vampire romance genre!
“One of the pre-eminent voices in paranormal romance!”
RT Bookclub Magazine


 Watch the Video Trailer
Featuring Morissa Schwartz's
Chilling Rendition of
A Hunting We Will Go

Maggie Shayne's WINGS IN THE NIGHT has always been my inspiration!

Christine Feehan
Number 1 New York Times Bestselling Author

A New Collection!
Three Witches & a Zombie

“Intense, mystical and lyrical!”
~Library Journal

A new collection of previously published Halloween favorites!

 Everything She Does is Magic

Nathan can’t get laid to save his life, and he’s starting to think he might be cursed. He’s closer to the truth than he knows. His lifelong frenemy’s three aunts are witches, after all, who believe he’s destined to father their niece’s special child—but the prophecy states he has to be a virgin when he does. Hilarity ensues!
A sidesplittingly funny, yet deeply moving Halloween romance.

Magic by Moonlight

A spunky PI in trouble with a dangerous crook, hides out at her eccentric aunt’s spooky old house in the country. Snooping through Auntie’s Book of Shadows is expressly forbidden, but Mary Catherine—MC—does it anyway, and accidentally conjures a hero from another time and place, never suspecting he is everything she’s been wishing for.
A funny, touching, emotional, sexy—and did I say funny?—Halloween treat!

Witch Moon

Teenagers are dying in crimes with occult trappings, entangling small-town teacher Mirabella St. Angeline in a web suspicion. A student need pleads for help in understanding her own strange powers, but helping the girl means coming out of the broom closet in a town where with witch-hysteria of days gone by, has begun anew.
A breathlessly suspenseful romantic thriller!

Zombies! A Love Story

When vegan hippy Suz returns to her hometown amid the red rocks of Arizona, everything has changed. Her mom has morphed from a wilting wallflower into a gun wielding sharpshooter, the Frankenfood corporation she loves to hate has built a plant on the edge of town, and her nerdy high school sweetheart has evolved into a grade-A kick-ass hunk. But the biggest change in Bloody Gulch is the one that comes clawing at her bedroom window her first night home.
Fun, sexy, exciting—A perfect fall thrill ride.


Maggie Shayne's novels have a permanent spot on my keeper shelf!

Karen Robards
Number 1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Your Second FREE Autumn Treat
The Immortals, Book 1

“Rich, sensual, and bewitching”
~Publishers Weekly on ETERNITY


17th Century England. Raven St. James is hanged for the crime of witchcraft as a handsome young priest fights to save her. Later, disgusted by the murder of an innocent, Duncan tries to find her body among the dead, to give her a decent burial. But she’s gone. In the pit reserved for the bodies of criminals and of the diseased, Raven revived to learn of secrets her mother never told her. She is one of The Chosen, an Immortal. And the power of her ever beating heart makes it a prize sought after by beings more dangerous than any she has ever known.

Do not miss this epic, three-century spanning novel that New York Times bestseller Kay Hooper calls
“A hauntingly beautiful story of a love that endures through time itself.”


 Watch the Video Trailer

Maggie Shayne delivers romance with sweeping intensity and bewitching passion. Readers will lose themselves in her dark, enthralling brew of love, danger, and perilous fate.

Jayne Ann Krentz
New York Times Bestselling Author on Maggie's THE IMMORTALS

50% OFF! Save $3.00! Half Price!

Special Announcement:
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The McIntyre Men
A “Brand” new series!

I am so excited return to the worlds of my Texas Brands and Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, to bring you this new series, The Mcintyre Men. You met them in BUCKLES, BOOTS & MISTLETOE, in my novella, Christmas Blues. You read Robert & Kiley’s breathtaking romance in OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE. Now, you’re in for a beautiful holiday story filled with love, magic and miracles in the upcoming OKLAHOMA STARSHINE, on sale Thanksgiving week! 

All Pre-Order Links Now Live!

OKLAHOMA STARSHINE, On Sale November 22nd!

A deeply moving, emotional story of a mother’s anguish, a father’s love, and a family’s hope. This novel will renew your faith and restore your belief in miracles.

Veterinarian and single mom Emily Hawkins’ world is turned upside down when her precious little girl is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Only a bone marrow transplant can save 3-year-old Matilda Louise. Emily isn’t a match, but she’s determined to find someone who is, and that means tracking down Tilda’s biological father and his filthy rich family, a family she believes would’ve preferred her little girl had never been born.

But when she arrives in Big Falls, Oklahoma, nothing is the way she expected. 

And don’t miss the holiday anthology, a McIntyre Men prequel: 
Buckles, Boots & Mistletoe
Featuring stories by Maggie Shayne and three of her daughters!

The McIntyre Men…
The Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelor Cowboys in Oklahoma!

  Price of OK Starshine
returns to $5.99 on release day.
You can only get the $2.99 price if you pre-order now.

Oklahoma Starshine Video Trailer featuring: 
Willie Nelson
Coming Soon!

Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable Talent.

Teresa Medeiros
New York Times Bestselling Author

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The McIntyre Men are coming! Christmas Blues and Oklahoma Moonshine on sale now. Oklahoma Starshine releases Thanksgiving week. Preorder now at HALF PRICE!

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