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April Featured Freebie: Shattered Sisters Book 1

“Maggie Shayne is better than chocolate! She satisfies every wicked craving!”
~NY Times Bestselling Author SUZANNE FORSTER ~


Crime writer Toni Rio follows a thug to his own execution and winds up kidnapped by a killer. If he finds out who she is, she’ll be dead before morning. But if he doesn’t, this is the best research opportunity of her career. Nick Manelli has to keep the beautiful witness quiet, and he’s risking everything in order to keep her alive while he’s at it. 


Reporter Ash Coye is pretending to have amnesia. Maybe it’ll buy him more time before the serial killer he’s close to exposing makes another attempt on his life. Joey Bradshaw is pretending to be Ash’s wife. Since he has no memory, he’ll believe her, and this way she can try to prevent the Syracuse Slasher from murdering him. She’s had a vision that her sister will be next, and she’s not going to let that happen. Ash is pretending to believe the beautiful stranger is his bride, because…well, hell look at her. 

The Shattered Sisters Series Page

Book 3: BROKEN

Someone is trying to murder Caitlin Rossi. She returns from the hospital after the latest attempt, to a gothic mansion filled with strangers who call themselves family, and speak in half truths and whispers. No one is telling her the secrets of her past, least of all her dark and brooding husband Dylan, who just might be the leading suspect.


Special Announcement:
Exclusive iBooks Pre-Order During April

“Maggie Shayne is a reader’s joy! A remarkable talent.”
~NY Times Bestselling Author TERESA MEDEIROS


Introducing The McIntyre Men
A “Brand” new series!

I am so excited to be returning to the worlds of my Texas Brands and Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, to bring you this new series, The Mcintyre Men. You met them in BUCKLES, BOOTS & MISTLETOE, in my novella, Christmas Blues. Now you’re going to get a whole novel for each of the hunky, handsome McIntyre brothers. Book 1, OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE, belongs to Robert, the brooding middle brother. 


All Pre-Order Links Will Go Live May 1st!

But iTunes iBookstore allows pre-orders earlier than everyone else. So we’re taking advantage of that. iBooks will have the exclusive pre-order all to themselves for the entire month of April. Then, on May Day, pre-order links will go live on Amazon, BN.com, Kobo, and GooglePlay. This is the earliest they will allow.


Video Trailer Premieres on Beltane!

The fantastic video trailer for the series will be released on May 1st as well. 

We’ve Just Licensed Kailey Swanson’s song HOOKED to back the video!

You can see the official music video for Kailey’s HOOKED right here.
The OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE Book trailer video featuring her fabulous song debuts on May 1st! It will be posted here, on my Facebook page (like!) my Youtube Channel (subscribe!) and email update subscribers will get a special notice when it goes live in twelve days!



Robert McIntyre has his eye on a sprawling ranch outside Big Falls that’s about to be auctioned. Determined to be his own man, he wants to buy it without help from his father or his inheritance, but he’s only saved up about half what he needs to make that happen. Partnering up with a gorgeous woman wasn’t part of his plan. A dishonest female burned him badly, and he’s still not over it. But Kiley seems straight up, and besides, he’ll buy her out of her half in short order. Until then, it’s not exactly gonna be a chore to be around her.

Kiley Capone was raised by a con-man, so she knows how to get what she wants, and what she wants, is that same ranch. But it’s going to go for about twice as much cash as she can put her hands on. The busy-body at the real estate office let on that one of the McIntryres wanted it, too and with a little encouragement, spilled all the juicy details. So Kiley shows up at the McIntrye family business, The Long Branch saloon, just after closing time to catch Robert alone. He’s the brooding middle brother, and most people are a little bit afraid of him. Kiley is not most people.

When they decide to buy the ranch together, Robert actually thinks it was his idea. But Kiley has no intention of sharing. She’ll buy him out soon enough. And until then, she figures she can sweet talk him enough to make sharing the place bearable.

But Robert isn’t as easy to wrap about her finger as she’d expected, and Kiley isn’t fooling him half as much as she thinks she is.

If you loved The Texas Brands, and The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, you’re going to LOVE this brand new series set in the same world.


The McIntyre Men…
The Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelor Cowboys in Oklahoma!


All Available Buy Links for the two books depicted are below.
iBooks Exclusive Pre-order link for OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE is below.
All other pre-order links for OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE go live May 1st. 

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