In my friend Emma Cane’s new book, SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY, her heroine Kate decides to host a band festival at Tony’s Tavern, owned by her ex-husband. When Emma and friends, myself included, were brainstorming her story, we realized we’d all included music bands in our own books, so we thought–what if they all play at the Valentine Valley Band Festival? It was such fun incorporating my fellow authors’ bands that we decided to take it farther and host a contest: the Book That Band Contest!

Guess which band goes with which author!
We’ve even given clues! Click on the books to read more about them. If you read the book descriptions on Amazon, you’ll find the clues.
Pick the number of a band from the first column, and the letter of that band’s book from the second column.
Send an email to
with your name, email address, and your matches. For example 1C, 2A, etc.
Guess correctly and you’ll be entered in the drawing!

Two people will win on November 10th!
First Place: $100 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (your choice!)
Second Place: Free books from all of us!
Emma Cane: the e-book of A PROMISE AT BLUEBELL HILL
Kris Fletcher: the e-book of CALL OF THE WILDER
MJ Compton: the e-book of MOONLIGHT SERENADE
Maggie Shayne: the e-book of A MOMMY FOR CHRISTMAS
Chris Wenger: the e-book of STUCK ON YOU
Disclaimer: This is a private contest. We will not give your information to any other party.
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Band: The Dead Can Sing

Song: “Rocking the Rockies.”

Clue: Kate Fenelli’s son wants her to include this band in the festival. AContestMoonlight


MJ Compton

Amazon2Band: Red Dye Seven

Song: “The Writer’s Right-Hand Girl-Next-Door”

Clue: Rachel de Luca and Detective Mason Brown question members of
this band when Rachel’s assistant Amy goes missing.



Emma Cane


3Band: Toke Lobo and the Pack

Song: “Full Moon Lady”

Clue: Reporter Delilah Tenney searches for a serial killer by
going undercover with this band.




Christine Wenger


4Band: Double Cyn

Song: “Who Can Tell in the Dark”

Clue: Gemini Wilder’s parents are all members of this group, which
was dubbed America’s second-favorite folk trio.



Maggie Shayne


5Band: Frankie Rudinski and the Polka Dots

Song: “The Comfort Food Mystery Polka”


Clue: Amateur sleuth Trixie Matkowski danced with
Sheriff Ty Brisco when this band played the polka.



Kris Fletcher