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Maggie's October Update



So I scrapped the whole thing and started over again this weekend. It just wasn't working. I even considered that Jason & Sunny might not belong together. But then I went back to my original notion for the story, in which Sunny has a dark past that comes back to mess up her life in the present. I thought about it all weekend, and Saturday, I outlined a whole new book, even though i have 160 pages of the old one (and various numbers of pages of various numbers of other ideas–at least ten of them now.)

However, this outline took off and the story board I use to plot books, (following the 3 Act Structure method laid out by Alexandra Sokoloff in her book, Screenwriting Tips for Authors–if you're a writer, click the image to buy it because it's freakin' amazing!) is almost all filled in. Which means the writing should go fast, relatively speaking. 

I got Fiona released, and immediately started this one, and I honestly think the creative mind needs down time. More about that on the Coffee House Blog later today. I don't know when it will be published. I'm going to predict that AFTER I finish the first draft. 

The Bliss in Big Falls page has videos trailers, excerpts, buy links for paperback, ebook, and audiobooks, and the gorgeous covers for all 5 stories out so far. CLICK HERE FOR THE BLISS IN BIG FALLS PAGE.

Autumn is here!

And with it, much cooler temps. We had a mild frost last night (10/13) even though 3 days ago it was 85. Such is fickle weather of the northeastern United States. The foliage was better than last year, but still extremely disappointing compared to most autumns. All of them, actually. This whole lack of vivid reds and neon oranges and hot pinks in the fall is a new thing, and my favorite meteorologist, CNY's Peter Halls, suspects it has to do with the much warmer Septembers we had last year and this year. Sigh.

I've decked the place for All Hallows, and we'll have more on that important date soon too.

Newsletter Mulling

I didn't have a free serial story in my newsletter in 2018, and I feel badly about that. I feel I'm busier than ever, but getting lots less done. Which shouldn't be possible but is. I'm mulling what story I'll serialize for next year's newsletter, and I think I might give you the original idea I pitched to Harlequin, and they shot down. I never wrote it, but I have pieces, and I think it's really good. Way better than the one they had me write instead. It's called THE COVEN. So we'll see. I might even start it going this month, since it's Witchy. So if you haven't subscribed to my updates, now's the time. 


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FIONA: ORIGINS is on sale now in Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook. 

There's a new excerpt up too, so you can read the first 2 chapters to whet your appetite. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE FIONA PAGE with all of that, the fantastic video, and more.

There will be more Fiona to come. I'm already plotting Book 2.

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I'm now making animated Facebook headers, short video ads, and full book trailer videos for my fellow authors. For more info and pricing, CLICK HERE.


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Happy fall and happy reading!


Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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