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Being stranded with a scrooge for Christmas wasn't what Holly had in mind when she returned to her vacant to childhood home for the holidays. But Northern New York's snow belt has other ideas. Holiday magic weaves its web around two broken hearted children in this Christmas Romance for the ages. *Formerly titled “Melting Frosty.”

Click the cover to see this and all my other Holiday themed offerings at my special HOLIDAY ROMANCE page.



On sale now and garnering praise!

“The action and suspense are super intense. The ending is shocking.”

“These books are suspenseful and serious page turners. Girl Blue followed suit and did not disappoint. I already can't wait for the next one.”

“What a ride! I love these characters…Rachel is scary smart and between her potty mouth, no filter and the abilities she has…. Well you are in for quite a story.”

Click the cover to go to the Brown and de Luca page for GIRL BLUE and the rest of the series. 

Collectible, Autographed Books

We are adding titles to BLISSBLOG.SHOP every day. Right now we're offering the first 3 books of the Bliss in Big Falls series for 19.99 in gorgeous trade paperback. And those aren't the only titles available. We have some first editions that aren't even in print anymore. Supplies are extremely limited and we can't order more out of print titles, so get yours soon. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

2020 Newsletter Exclusive Serial:
The Tale of Elizabeth Clawson

Liz was my 8th great grandmother. She was arrested for Witchcraft in 1694 in Stamford CT witch craze. As I read the history, I thought I could see right through the “facts” to what was really going on. And I decided right then to write a fictionalized, fact-inspired novel. I'll write the first draft in monthly segments that will be released in my newsletter. After 2020 ends, I'll take what I have, put it together, flesh it out, and publish it as a novel. 

Work in Progress

One of the many projects I had in mind to do next, has jumped up to take the top spot on my to-do list. FIONA: ABERRATIONS is the lucky winner. I still intend to have Rhiannon and other huge Wings characters crossover into this series, but I'm not sure whether this particular book is the one. We'll see who shows up. 

So those will be the first two things you'll be seeing in 2020; the Elizabeth Clawson serial, and FIONA's second novel. After those, and in no particular order: Immortality, the expanded novella in the Immortals Series, Jack Kellogg's story in Bliss in Big Falls, a big, fat, important Brown and de Luca novel where something huge happens. 


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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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