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"Maggie Shayne delivers romance with sweeping intensity and bewitching passion."


Updated January 19th, 2021

What a ride 2020 was, amiright? Phew! We should all get “I survived 2020” T-shirts or something. Holy moly. And we're still feeling it, but there's also a shift in the air. It feels like change is underway, the momentum is shifting even now. A pendulum must reach the peak of its arc before it can start to swing back the other way. That's where we find ourselves at the beginning of 2021. The good news is, it will get better. Way way better. 2021 is the year we make Covid-19 impotent. It's the year we begin to put our lives into a nice, comfy order again. It's the year fun comes back! It's coming. You'll see.

My muse has been elusive for a few months. She's come back now, and story is once more flowing. She wants to give me Fiona first, so that's what I'm working on now. I'm also putting together my non-fiction self-help annual, a compilation of blogs and essays on life and magic and spiritual things; A Year of Bliss, Volume 3. It's REALLY hard to use that title. 2020 was not blissful for many. But there is bliss to be found and 2020 was an exercise of focus, if nothing else. One I sometimes managed well and other times not so much. I might add PANDEMIC EDITION to the title. It goes to editing the 29th, and off to production a week later. On sale mid-February.

I've just released my award-winning story Fatal Fixer-Upper, a spooky, funny tale about worst enemies in love and ghosts and stuff. It's a short novel, at least by my standards, so it's part of my Fun-Size Reads collection, and therefore, just $2.99.

All 3 books of the Shadow Falls trilogy are also on sale now! I've updated the SHADOW FALLS SERIES PAGE with all the links. All Barnes and Noble links are now live! Book 1, KILLING ME SOFTLY, Book 2 KILL ME AGAIN, and Book 3 KISS ME, KILL ME are all sale now. Paperback editions of all three are in progress. I LOVE the new covers! 

So the first novel of 2021 will be Fiona: Aberrations. Stay tuned for news on that, and if all goes as planned, there will be a new Brown and de Luca, Something Bloody, Something Blue, soon after. 

That's what's up here. Not a lot. Still staying home, still masking if and when we have to go out. Waiting for our turn for a vaccine. Feeling hopeful and optimistic about the year ahead. 

Welcome to MaggieShayne.com!

You have found the imaginary world of me, Maggie Shayne. The difference between storytellers and other people is that storytellers share the stuff going on inside our heads. We share our imaginary worlds with the so-called “real” world. I think both worlds are real. 

My novels

I write lots and lots of novels in the genres of romance and women's fiction, including lots of women led suspense novels and romantic suspense novels, several paranormal and paranormal romance series, and three related small-town, country-style romance series. Pick your area of interest below to get started.

My magic

I also write non-fiction in the areas of spiritual self-help, law of attraction, Witchcraft and natural magic, all of which feed my personal philosophy and approach to life and business. I've been Wiccan for more than two decades, have studied LOA for nearly as long. So my writings meld the two. I read cards and operate the Bliss Blog and its associated magic shop. The shop also carries many of my books in print editions, and if you buy them there, you get them signed. I also offer Tarot/intuitive readings done entirely via email.


Fun Abounds Here

So browse around the site. Check out the vampires, the witches, the Immortals, the kick ass female sleuths, the down-home country girls, and the Fun-Sized Reads Collection of novellas for $2.99 apiece. Watch the video trailers. Most of the series have at least one. 

Or if you're a hippy new age witchy woman like me, check out the BlissBlog and the magic shop. Maybe even book a reading! Explore and have fun. That's pretty much the best thing we can do for ourselves right now, isn't it? Have some freaking FUN.


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