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12 Months, 12 Releases


June: TALK DOGGY TO ME ~ ON SALE NOW! Click cover for links!

And it looks like I'll be able to release a story a month (give or take a few weeks) for the rest of the year and maybe even have a few spill over into next year. Don't get used to this. I won't be able to sustain this forever. But we had the perfect storm of older titles reverting and new projects coming together to make this my dream year.

Because of the frequency of these releases, I'm working on a very tight schedule, which means there aren't going to be long (or maybe any) pre-order periods. They'll go up as I get them ready to go. There's not a lot of time for pre-orders on thse things. 

GIRL BLUE is almost done!

I'm almost through the first draft and intend to finish it this month. Then second draft will take most of July. I estimate the first edit happening in August and then the rewrite, second edit, proof in September, releasing late September to early October. YES!

Meanwhile, in July, Harlequin is re-releasing Brown and de Luca 1-3 in a bundle, e-only, I believe. Perfect timing, right? 

We'll have a cover for GIRL BLUE in the coming weeks and maybe even an excerpt before summer begins to wane. And meanwhile, catch up on the Brown and de Luca page. Click the cover for info!

Other Offerings

If thrillers aren't your cup of tea, there's plenty more to explore!

Small-town Contemporary Western Romances

The Texas Brands, The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, and Bliss in Big Falls are 3 connected series of contemporary romances (not erotica, not even close) that include 21 titles!  We call these sweet and mild.

Paranormal Romantic Fiction

Wings in the Night, Wings in the Night: Reborn, and the just begun Fiona books are 3 connected series including 25 titles. Other paranormal series include The Immortals, and The Portal series, both about witches and witchcraft, and By Magic, a fantasy series. 

More Thrillers

If you can't get enough of the thrillers, check out The Shattered Sisters series, and the stand alone (but not for long!) Gingerbread Man. 

Fun-Sized Reads

I decided to repackage several of my existing novellas as fun-sized reads and price them at a ridiculous $2.99, so you can devour them like candy. We have a Fun-Size Reads page here on the site. It's easy to find, click the cover of Spellbound!

I've written a lot of novellas for a lot of publishers and I'm actively asking for reversion of the rights. We might end up with a dozen or more in this little candy shop before we're done. 

Online Entrepreneurs Alert!

My side biz, GIDDY GRAPHICS makes animated Facebook headers, short video ads, and full book trailer videos. For more info and pricing, CLICK HERE.

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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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