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The Season of Love

It's February! (Okay, it's January 30th, but in winter, I like to skip ahead.) This is my favorite month of winter for these huge reasons:

  1. MY BIRTHDAY! Yep, I was born in the depths of winter, during the week of Imbolc. Which brings me to reason number 2.
  2. IMBOLC! Halfway between Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox, Imbolc celebrates the quickening of Spring deep in the earth.
  3. MY ANNIVERSARY! Six years married to my honey, on Valentine's Day. Which brings me to reason number 4.
  4. VALENTINE'S DAY! The holiday that celebrates, love and romance, my specialty!
  5. INSPIRATION! I am always on fire creatively at this time of year, and this year is no exception.

 What's Caught Fire

The next Brown and de Luca novel has grabbed me by the sneakers. As you know, I have several projects on my wish list for this year, and I've been bouncing around between them. I started FIONA: ABERRATIONS, and it was going really well, and I was researching the LIZ CLAWSON book, a novelized story of my 8th great grandmother, tried for witchcraft in Stamford, in 1692, and I was reading and making notes on IMMORTALITY, book 4 of The Immortals series.

I thought I knew exactly what I was working on and in what order. Then one day, I was thinking of titles for the next Brown and de Luca, and I came up with SOMETHING BLOODY, SOMETHING BLUE. And from that very moment, the story started flooding into me and through me, and I had no choice but to write it down.

I thought I'd probably just get that opening scene down. But then I realized that probably wasn't the opening scene, and wrote what I thought was, and now I think there's a third scene that has to come first. Each of these snippets of the tale are vital to the entire plot (which hasn't yet been revealed to me) and will all be in the book. I'm rethinking their order when I'm not writing. But when I am writing, there is no thought. It's just flowing straight from my Muse, to me and through me and onto the page. I'm just along for the ride.

I love it when a book comes together.



I still fully intend to finish FIONA: ABERRATIONS, write the LIZ CLAWSON STORY (working title,) rewrite IMMORTALITY, and hopefully dive into a new BLISS IN BIG FALLS title toward the end of the year. I also intend to reclaim a few more titles from their former publishers and re-release those too. And I have A YEAR OF BLISS due to release before the end of the month. 2o2o is going to be another BIG year of storytelling for me.



The GREAT BIG IMBOLC SALE is in full swing. Get 15% off everything and anything in the shop just by using code IMBOLC at checkout. Sale ends 2/9/2020. Until then, use the coupon code over and over, as many times as you want. 

We just ordered some adorable new miniature dragons, a whole set of baby owls, and a nice selection of smudge pots. I've been trying to get these smudgepots for months, but they sell out as fast as they arrive at my supplier's warehouse. I finally scored a dozen of them, and they should be here in a week or so. Lots more new merch going up this week, including new incense selections (mugwort, sweetgrass, blue sage,) and two new goddess figurines I fell in love with. We'll have magically charged, purpose specific votive candles and a selection of tumbled gemstones, and several new out of print, hard to find, autographed Maggie Shayne paperbacks going up this week as well. So watch our “This Just In” collection to keep up with all our new offerings. 


My tarot-slash-intuitive readings are going gangbusters. I cannot believe how in demand they are, and the response from clients has been positive, uplifting, and kind of thrilling to me. I have lots of repeat clients, and lots of clients coming to me due to recommendations from clients who've had a reading. Being able to do this feeds my soul, and these readings are helpong people. They really are. They work a lot like my writing does. I tap into something, open the channels, and write down what flows to me. Anyway, I just finished a mountain of bookings, and finally have openings for some more. To book your reading, just email me. You can do that by clicking the image to the left or the button below. I'll ask you a few questions, you reply, and then I read. It's all done through email, and then I invoice through Paypal once it's done.

Or you can book them through my shop if you don't have a Paypal account and prefer to use a credit or debit card. Booking via the shop costs a little bit more due to the overhead.

If you book by emailing me, it's $50.
If you book through the site, it's $55. 

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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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