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Maggie's December Update

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

And my favorite gift giving ideas are books, of course!

A gift that can transform someone's life!

How did Maggie Shayne go from a high school dropout and teenage mom living below the poverty line, to international bestselling author living the life of her dreams? The answer is in this book. And you can apply the same wisdom to transform your life and the lives of those you love.

  • 13 whimsical full-color illustrations with uplifting, insightful thoughts
  • Exercises to put what you've learned into practice, help you sleep and make meditation easy
  • 14 assignments to deepen your connection to your Higher Self
  • 7 book club discussion topics

    But more importantly, this book will give you the secret I have used to turn my life from one where I was at the mercy of seemingly random events, to one where I am in control of everything in my experience. By understanding the powerful natural laws of spiritual physics, how and why things happen they way they do, everything in my experience has changed.

    This is the knowledge that's at the core of every tradition and path, and the source of the stuff we call magic. But I have learned that magic is just science most haven't yet come to understand. I understand it. And you will too, with this book.

    You can absolutely….

  • Find happiness and joy in every single day of your life
  • Find the love you've been waiting for
  • Attract wealth and abundance in all its forms
  • Enjoy health and well being life never before
  • Forgive yourself and everyone else for past error
  • Become a person everyone feels better around
  • Achieve your career goals, and soar far beyond them
  • Make your wildest dreams come true  
    And this book will show you how!

All this and so very much more.
Every technique and method I've learned and practiced over the years to get where I am today are here in this book. 

Sometimes a gift is more than just a gift. This is one of those times.


Pre-order is now live! Release date, February 5th 2019. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Insider info: I'm still struggling with this one a little bit. I have the story now, it's just that it's more fun to do holiday stuff.  So the next two weeks are going to be marathon crunch time for me as I chain myself to the computer in order to get this one in top form for it's first edit on 12/9. You know, in between shopping and decking the halls. I always work better under pressure, though. 🙂 

CLICK HERE FOR THE BLISS IN BIG FALLS PAGE where all the pre-order links await your mouse clicks!


On sale now in Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook. 

This is one of the best novels I've ever written, and I am so excited to get to the sequels that I can barely think about anything else. It starts out on the shores of Loch Ness, where a young woman learns family secrets that mean she's not who she thought she was. Her journey to learn the truth reveals that she's not what she thought she was either. 

It's a paranormal thriller, with a sci-fi edge, and a slow building romance you'll never forget. 

You're going to want to be in on this story from the beginning, and so are all the Shayne fans on your holiday shopping list! 
There's a new excerpt up too, so you can read the first 2 chapters to whet your appetite. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE FIONA PAGE with all of that, the fantastic video trailer and more.

There will be more Fiona to come. I'm already plotting Book 2.

New Holiday Page!

All my Christmas and Solstice stories are featured in one easy place to get your holiday groove on! Just click the Christmassy cover to the left (Baby By Christmas) to get to the new Holiday page!

Online Entrepreneurs Alert!

My side biz, GIDDY GRAPHICS makes animated Facebook headers, short video ads, and full book trailer videos, and I've decided to extend my Halloween sale through the winter holidays too! For more info and pricing, CLICK HERE.

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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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