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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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And now for something completely different…

On April 24th, The Bliss Book will go on sale in e, and within a week of that date, in paperback and hardcover, as well. This book is an extension of my alter ego, who, kind of like Rachel de Luca's alter ego, is a self-help author. The difference is I don't think all the stuff I write about is bullshit, like Rachel often does. I mean, I know it works. It's why I'm here.

I've been writing about how changing our attitudes can change our lives over on The Bliss Blog for years. I did some Facebook Live videos about them too, and then put them up on Youtube for anyone to watch. And now there's a book. Go figure. I really enjoy exploring the spiritual side of things. I always have.

I love this little book. It has happy illustrations and love fills every page. I really think it can help people who are looking for just what it holds between its covers. Watch the video, and click on the cover for all the pre-order links.

The By Magic Series: Springtime Magic

Fantasy romance like nothing you've read before. Brigit and Bridin, twin daughters of the ruler of Rush, were smuggled into the mortal world for their own safety when their parents' realm was overthrown by the dark and dangerous Tristan of Shara. Separated early on, Bridin fell into Tristan's hands, and he keeps her locked away, where she's raised and guarded by minions under his thrall. 

Brigit was in an orphanage, until it burned down. She'd have died in that fire, but for the homeless man who slept on the park bench outside her window. Raze walked into the burning building to save her, and together, they make their way in the cruel city.

But these two powerful sisters must be reunited, to learn who they truly are, and to reclaim the fate that was stolen from them. 
Read More about this amazing series of epic fantasy romances. Click on the cover to visit the world of Rush!

Red Lily Saga: Now in 2 Paperback Volumes

You can get all 6 books of my daughter, River Shayne's RED LILY Saga in two paperback volumes now! Click the cover for more information. The ebook versions are temporarily off sale while we change distributors.

Coming Up Next…

I've been writing two projects at once for a while now. THE FIONA FILES in segments for email subscribers, and LITTLE GIRL BLUE, the next Brown and de Luca novel.

I'll be honest–B&D has been coming harder while Fiona has been flowing like crazy. So, at the moment I've shifted focus to Fiona. But I am also writing a few scenes of LITTLE GIRL BLUE a week just to keep the momentum up. Whichever I finish first will be released first. 

I have a lot on my plate this year. Besides these two projects, I hope to write Jason and Sunny's book in the Bliss in Big Falls series (Formerly called The McIntyre Men) and I really want to put together a Texas Brand Family Christmas story in time for the holidays. That would make 5 new titles all written, edited, revised, copyedited, proofed, packaged and produced during 2018 and I have no idea if that's even possible. But I'm trying.

I'm finding the only way to get through it all is to let my Muse decide. Whatever she's whispering to me on a given day is what I'll be writing, because it goes faster and easier that way, and truly is my only hope of getting it all done. And even then I might not. One of those projects might have to be pushed into 2019. And my readers are also clamoring for a new Wings in the Night, a new book in the Immortals series, and a new book in the By Magic series, all of which I have plans to write. 

I have to keep on loving what I do. If I stop loving it, I won't be able to go on. So I'm feeding my muse, enjoying the spring's (slow) arrival, and writing whichever story is singing from my heart each day, and that's the best I can do.

Follow your bliss. It's good for you! 

The Fiona Files, Part 1
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The Next Chapter of Wings in the Night 


Love. Loyalty. Family. Country.

Formerly The McIntyre Men series, we decided to change the name when the series expanded to tell stories of other families in the close knit small town of Big Falls, Oklahoma. The Kelloggs, a family of con artists came back to town in Book 2, and we began getting to know the Wakelands, a military family of true heroes and heroines in Book 5. There are lots of books left to write. Jack Kellogg, Jason McIntyre, Angie and Adam Wakeland, and more! You won't want to miss a single one.

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