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The Secrets of Shadow Falls
A Romantic Thriller Trilogy
KISS ME, KILL ME - November

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Welcome to here!

You have found the imaginary world of me, Maggie Shayne. The difference between storytellers and other people is that storytellers share the stuff going on inside our heads, on the outside. We share our imaginary worlds with the so-called “real” world. I think both are real. 

My novels

I write lots and lots of novels in the genres of romance and women's fiction, including lots of women led suspense novels and romantic suspense novels, several paranormal and paranormal romance series, and three series of small-town, country-style romances. Pick your area of interest below to get started.

My magic

I also write non-fiction in the areas of spiritual self-help and law of attraction and natural magic, all rolled up into my own take. I operate the Bliss Blog and its associated magic shop. The shop also carries many of my books in print editions, and if you buy them there, you get them signed. I also offer Tarot/intuitive readings done entirely via email.

Fun Abounds Here

So browse around the site. Check out the vampires, the witches, the Immortals, the kick ass female sleuths, the down-home country girls, and the Fun-Sized Reads Collection of novellas for $2.99 apiece. Watch the video trailers. Most of the series have at least one. 

Or if you're a hippy new age witchy woman like me, check out the BlissBlog and the magic shop. Maybe even book a reading! Explore and have fun. That's pretty much the best thing we can do for ourselves right now, isn't it? Have some freaking FUN.


Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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