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My Biggest Release Since Launching My Own Company!


October 29th, 2019

About Girl Blue

The finest writing I ever achieve is when I'm writing a thriller, and the  Brown and de Luca Novels are the finest thrillers I've ever penned. The first was SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON and with this release, the series now spans 5 novels and 2 novellas. This is a full length novel, not a novella, and it has never been published before in any form. And in fact, I'm still tweaking it to perfection as we speak. 


CLICK COVER for all links. E-only for now. Paperback and hardcover pre-order will be available soon! Pre-ordering the book will help more than you can probably imagine. Most people have no idea how vital pre-orders are to authors. They kick-start the algorithms of the booksellers, and have everything to do with the book hitting bestseller lists. So if you're going to buy it anyway, a pre-order is an early Halloween gift to your favorite author.

Fishy News

As you might have seen in my newsletter <–(click to subscribe!) our koi fish spawned this year, and the result is more than 1300 babies (“fry) in our pond. It's a big, natural pond, so they're fine for now. We've caught most of them in minnow traps and have placed them in a temporary koi nursery, basically a floating screened box, while hubs hustles to build several permanent ones, made from mesh netting which is much more forgiving. The screen, we've found, is not perfect. 

In the fall we'll be offering some of these for sale. Maybe sooner. And we're having so much fun, and learning about raising koi so rapidly, that we're starting yet another family business as Koi Farmers.

I named my home Serenity when we first moved in. Our pond is Serenity Pond, our stream is Serenity Brook, and our waterfall is Serenity Falls. So you probably guessed, our koi farm is called Serenity Koi. 

Next year we'll build a second pond. Because life is all about expansion.

The Bliss Shop News

The Bliss Shop is still in progress. Since I decided to self-fund it, I'm stocking items a few at a time. It's going to carry some very special items you can't get anywhere else. I've found a line of jewelry made a local craftsman from blue glass excavated from the site of a 19th century glass company. It's amazing. I've found the line of essential oils I want to carry as well, the best I've tried, high quality, excellent pricing. I want to stock up a collection of crystals, and other items. 

And for sure, now that I have them, there will be a section of the shop devoted to Serenity Koi. We'll have photos, and overnight shipping of live fish. 

The shop will also be the exclusive carrier of autographed Maggie Shayne paperbacks, and other book related merchandise, like my Wings in the Night wine glasses, and Long Branch Saloon beer steins, stuff like that. 🙂 

Summer's Waning

I don't mind these final weeks of summer so much, because autumn is my favorite season. It's going to bring lots of reading material for you to enjoy. 

Until next time,



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Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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