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Bliss in Big Falls

Maggie's Mid-January Update


Just in time for Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's day because it's also my wedding day. It's also a week from my birthday. Around here we call it Valaversabirthary.  Or something like that.

This year, I'm even MORE excited because OKLAHOMA SUNSHINE is finally coming out! I'm still putting last minute things together but I really love this book now. (Even though it was the hardest one I think I ever wrote.) I sobbed at the right place, eventually, and that's when I knew it was right.

Now it's time to pre-order.

Pre-ordering will kick this series up the charts, and this series is so very worthy. It's a feel good series. It's clean and wholesome. It celebrates love and family, loyalty and hope, and miracles abound in the special, wonderful small town of Big Falls. I hope you enjoy it.

Click the book cover to get to the series page. Check out the new video up top, and enjoy!

Spellbound and my new Fun-Sized Reads

I decided to repackage all my existing novellas as fun-sized reads and price them at a ridiculous 99ยข, so you can devour them like candy. Right now my 4 other novellas are being buffed up and priced down, and we have a Fun-Size Reads page here on the site. It's easy to find, click the cover of Spellbound!

I've written a lot of novellas for a lot of publishers and I'm actively asking the rights. We might end up with a dozen or more in this little candy shop before we're done. 


After Oklahoma Sunshine is finally put to bed, I'm looking forward to writing the next part of Fiona Fairweather's unfolding story. She's heading back to Loch Ness, where there's something deadly haunting the waters. The locals think Nessie's turned feral. Fiona's not so sure.

I know readers want more Wings in the Night and more Brown and de Luca. I get shouted at about those most of all, but only because I'm writing other things at the moment. If I were writing Rhiannon and Rachel stories, I'd be getting yelled at for more Big Falls and Fiona books. My only resolution of the new year is to write what my muse gives me, when she gives it to me, and trust that my higher power is guiding me. When a story is burning in me, I write it. When it's not, forcing it is next to impossible. I have tried this past year and it's been sheer hell on me and on my craft. So we're going to do this more wisely. When the next Brown and de Luca book is bubbling up inside me, I'll write it. It's just not there yet. And so we wait.

So that's the update, the first update of the newborn year. Those are the two big things I'm working on at the moment. Fun Sized Reads, getting rights back for more stories, releasing Spellbound, and polishing Oklahoma Sunshine

Happy, happy 2019. May you thrive, and may you love.

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