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Buckle up, Readers
It's Thriller Time!


Brown and de Luca return!

They sucked me right back in, too.

So here's what happened. I dove back into the serial story I gave free to my newsletter subscribers, a Brown and de Luca short called “The One Who Cried Wolf,” to get it ready for wide release. And I fell right back into the head of Rachel de Luca. I love her so much! And then I realized that's because she's kind of me. I do a lot of self-help spiritual guru stuff. I sometimes have a potty mouth. I'm sarcastic and at heart, a real skeptic about most woo-woo stuff. You know, unless I'm the one doing it.

So I fell in, heart first. CRY WOLF is up for pre-order. I'm adding the links as we speak, and it goes LIVE on MARCH 19th! I expect this one's going to really go well, because it's freaking awesome. I am not kidding. I read it and thought, man, this is my best writing. My editor read it and said, Mom you should just write these from now on. My former editor said my Brown and de Luca's were on par with Lisa Jackson's work, which made me fall over in a dead faint. 

I'm good at the creepy stuff. 

So I started right in on the next one, GIRL BLUE which will be at least twice and maybe three times the length of CRY WOLF, which is a 25,000 word novella. That's going to be my big blockbuster summer release this year. I won't do a pre-order until the book is done, though, because it will take as long as it takes. It's important to do it right. 

So watch for CRY WOLF and gear up for GIRL BLUE. We'll have a cover for that one this week. 

Click the CRY WOLF cover for the Brown and de Luca page where all the pre-order links are going, and if you don't see them yet, you're too fast for me. I'm doing it after I write this. 🙂


I will start working on the next FIONA book as soon as GIRL BLUE is put to bed. Looking at autumn for that. 

Spellbound and my new Fun-Sized Reads

I decided to repackage several of my existing novellas as fun-sized reads and price them at a ridiculous 99¢, so you can devour them like candy. We have a Fun-Size Reads page here on the site. It's easy to find, click the cover of Spellbound!

I've written a lot of novellas for a lot of publishers and I'm actively asking for reversion of the rights. We might end up with a dozen or more in this little candy shop before we're done. 

Online Entrepreneurs Alert!

My side biz, GIDDY GRAPHICS makes animated Facebook headers, short video ads, and full book trailer videos. For more info and pricing, CLICK HERE.

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