I am never sorry to see summer end, because I love autumn so much. I love the smell of the leaves. I love the crisp apple bite to the air. I love the sun letting me sleep a little later. I love the cooler days, and clear skies, and the brilliant foliage is my idea of heaven. It's still warm and muggy here, and raining non-stop, but the seasons are clearly in transition. All the signs are here. And pumpkin spice everything will be on my lips soon.

Baby Coming!

Here at Shayne Central we are expecting a new baby on Monday, or maybe a bit sooner. She will be grandchild number 12, granddaughter number 5, and I can hardly contain my joy. She has no name yet. Her mamma wants to meet her first and see if it comes to her then. Though the rest of us are playing a game where we take turns picking the name of the day, and if she chooses that day to come out, it means she liked that day's pick. Stop laughing. It's science.

Newest Release: FIONA ORIGINS

The new book, which is going to launch a thousand stories. At least it feels that way to me. It's out now in Hardcover at BN, in Paperback at Amazon, and in ebook everywhere.
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I must confess that even after 3 edits by the best editor in the known Universe, Jena O'Connor, I tweaked a bit more as I did the final proofread. And thereby added more typos. No one saw it again between me and the readers. Oops. The first week out in e, there were a pile of errors in the book. I'm sorry. It was clean, I should've left it alone, but I never met a sentence I couldn't make better.  All's well, though, we have all errors fixed and all editions should be as close to perfect as I can make them.

Next Release: OKLAHOMA SUNSHINE (Bliss in Big Falls, Book 6)

I finally got the plot! I got it, I got it! It took a year, but I finally got it. I am finally on fire with Jason and Sunny's story and it's already in progress. I have no release date in mind yet, but there's no doubt it'll be this year. That's as close as I dare get with it. You can trust that it'll be just as soon as humanly possible.

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While writing OK SUNSHINE, I'm plotting the twisting, complex, thrilling storyline of the next Fiona book. I cannot break stride with this series when it's coming to me the way it is right now. I have so many stories flooding into my psyche so rapidly I can hardly even sleep at night. So I'll do lots of the pre-writing in between writing OKSUN and then I'll write it.

Brown & de Luca

They're moving to the of my bottomless To-Do List as soon as I get through the above. I plan to flesh out The One Who Cried Wolf (a previous newsletter serial) into a short novel and I hope that while I'm doing it, I'll feel my muse whispering the right plot for their final book to me. I'd like to give them a wedding story wrapped up in a thriller plot, I just don't have the right idea yet. Just like with OK SUNSHINE I've started this next B&D book five or six times with five or six different plots, and none of them have caught fire yet. I will keep you posted.

Speaking of Newsletter Serials…

I know, I know. I haven't started a new serial for this year at all. The more books I write, the less time I have to write free serials. And you know, I do this for a living, so the free stuff has to come second to the stuff that pays the bills. As soon as I have a little bit of breathing room, and enough free time to write one, I'll start a new free newsletter serial original. Probably around holiday time when I hope to take a bit of time off from the novels.


We've just put brand new cover art on all six of the Oklahoma All Girl Brands novels. You can see them all here:

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Okay back to work for me! Be thinking happy healthy baby thoughts. It's happening within the next 70 hours!