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My Fun-Sized Reads are a collection of low-priced, fast-paced, novella-length reads perfect for long flights, lazy evenings curled up in front of a fire, or sunny afternoons on tropical beaches. 
They're like chocolates - one is never enough!

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Best enemies face what neither believes in...


​Fatal Fixer Upper

A RITA® Award Winner!

She does not believe in ghosts...

Kiley’s made a name for herself with her column debunking new age fortune tellers, mediums, and psychics. Her small New Englandish town is known for its hauntings, so the charletans abound.

Her nemesis eludes her…

Jack McCain is the one she’s never been able to trip up. He’s the smoothest con of them all with his good looks, quick wit, natural charm. She even enjoys the game they’re playing, her trying to trick him, him always a step ahead of her. They’ve become best enemies.

But something’s wrong…

Now something’s going on with her house, a big old Gothic she bought for a song. It began with a death threat written in blood.

At first she figures it’s one of the phonies she’s exposed, out for revenge, but before long she has to admit there’s something otherworldly happening. And she can’t handle it on her own.

She needs help. She needs a medium who’s the real deal.

She needs Jack McCain.

FATAL FIXER UPPER was originally titled “Her Best Enemy,”
and is a RITA® Award-winning story.

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A Holiday Romance for the Ages!

Holly and the Humbug

Holly LOVES Christmas

And this year is special. This year she’s going to spend Christmas in the house where she grew up. It’s vacant, unoccupied as it has been since her family died, leaving her alone except for her beloved aunt. The realtor is a friend of the family, and understands Holly’s need to visit the place one last time before it’s sold.

Matthew HATES Christmas

He hates everything about it. Has ever since the worst Christmas of his life, fifteen years ago, when his father died. He’s not above taking advantage of everyone’s favorite excuse not to work, however. He thinks he can get a leg up on the competition for a house he wants to flip. He drives up into New York’s rural snow belt town of Oswego to take a look at the place, and there he finds a crazy hippy stringing gaudy lights to the roof.

Stranded for the Holiday

Holly is no more thrilled by Matthew’s visit than he is by her presence, but she gives the grouchy stranger the grand tour in exchange for his help with a few tasks around the place. By the time they’ve finished, a holiday snowstorm has dumped enough snow to ensure neither of them can leave.

Fate finds a way

There’s a lot more going on than two random strangers, stranded together for the holidays. These two have a connection neither of them know about. There’s Christmas magic at work here, using an old felt hat to heal a pair of broken-hearted children by bringing them together.

A Christmas Romance for the ages!

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Includes a big fat excerpt from


Night Vision

Megan Rose's Recurring Dream

She has been having the same dream since she was 12 years old. She sees a beautiful man, and hears a woman's voice, say, "Break the curse. Save his life."

A gift given...

She's had visions since childhood, but her father called her a liar and her mother said they came from the devil. They both tried to punish her sins away. No one believed her when she said her father would drive drunk one too many times. And when he died, just as she'd said he would, she was blamed. And not just by others. She blamed herself. She knew it would happen, but she couldn't stop it. She had failed.

A gift withdrawn...

The visions were muted after that. Oh, she'd know who was calling, or where to find a parking spot, but nothing important came anymore. Her deepest wish was that one day, she'd have a vision she could use to do something good. Something important. Something big.

The dream, though, that never faded. That lived on.

Back with a vengeance...

Now her gift has returned with a terrifying vengeance. And when she gets pulled over for speeding by a cop who looks just like the man in her recurring dream, and she knows it's all connected. He's Sam Sheridan, the man she's supposed to save.

She's being given another chance to do something important with her gift. Another chance to save a life. But it's only going to work if she can convince Sam to believe her.

Break the curse. Save his life.

She intends to do both those things, and maybe fulfill her destiny.
 But she never imagined that she might be saving Sam's life at the cost of her own.


From buttoned-up office help to sexy lingerie model!

Martha Jane can’t say no. Tonight’s lingerie show can make or break her best friend’s brand new line, and the model got sick at the last minute.

Transformed into a bombshell…

The quiet, unemployed administrative assistant walks the runway in an array of fantasy lingerie, grateful that each outfit has its own elaborate mask.

The line is a hit, and Martha Jane is relieved the show is nearly over, until, on her final pass, she falls off the stage on and into the arms of Richard Gable.

Her former boss.

The man she’s been secretly in love with for years.

The man who fired her and gave her job to one his brainless bimbos.

The Mask She Wears…

He doesn’t recognize her behind the mask. And then she realizes…he’s hitting on her. Of course he’s hitting on her. A lingerie model is exactly his type. In all the time she worked for him, Richard never looked at her the way he’s looking at her now.

Does she have the nerve?

Martha Jane makes a split second decision to take a walk on the wild side. She’s pretty sure she can protect her identity. But it’s not as easy to protect her heart.

Get Home Before



Professor Jennifer Rose is in a Louisiana bayou for one reason–to track down the truth behind recent sightings of a loup-garou. A werewolf. She doesn’t believe in such things, of course. She expects to find an animal no one’s ever seen before. Discovering a previously unknown species would make her career as a scientist.

But what she finds amid the mists and Spanish moss on the first night of the full moon isn’t at all scientific. A lycanthrope in mid-morph takes a swipe at her before loping off into the marsh.


That’s not the only weird thing happening around the historic plantation where she and her crew are staying. The head of her department is acting more like a stalker, her grad student assistants are spying on her, and the housekeeper is a Voodoo priestess who knows far more than she’s saying.

The sexy town doctor who tends the wolf-inflicted wounds on Jenny’s chest isn’t what he seems, either. She’s dangerously attracted to the secretive loner, and determined to learn what he’s hiding.


Jenny knows where she’ll find the answers, but the bayou’s a dangerous place for a woman alone on a full moon night.

Ms. Terwilliger Goes


The Victim...

High school English teacher Melinda Terwilliger is sick and tired of being afraid. Her once-perfect neighborhood has been over by criminals and its residents are terrified. When she’s mugged on her way home one night, enough is enough. She’s desperate to find her inner strength, even if she has to resort to drastic measures, like hypnosis.

The Turning Point...

Something goes wrong while she’s under, and Melinda emerges believing herself to be a professionally trained bad ass.

The Cop...

Matthew McGuire is undercover, posing as a teacher in Melinda’s district. He’s after the very thugs terrorizing the quiet, beautiful Ms. Terwilliger’s neighborhood. But he needs their boss, too, a man who rarely shows his face. Matt never expected the shy beautiful teacher to turn into a fearless, reckless vigilante. Her antics might cost the police the kingpin they’ve been after for months. But worse, they could easily get Melinda killed.

The Plan...

He has to get close to her to keep her out of trouble. He doesn’t plan to fall into the bad guys’ hands, or into Melinda’s heart, but does both in this uplifting, funny, romantic, novella-length read from a NY Times and USA Today bestselling, award-winning author!

Talk Doggy to Me



A hot detective who's used to female attention...

But Jay Harris has a tender side too, and he's a top-notch detective. Those qualities are more important now than ever before, with a serial rapist stalking the women of his town.

 A bristly veterinarian who prefers animals to people...

She’s more interested in his dog’s good looks than the detective's. And she has good reason for those feelings. She also has a secret that could ruin her practice, should it get out. A secret she's vowed not to share, no matter what.

She can talk to animals...

Well, not talk, precisely. She feels them. There’s a connection. Should it get it out, it could label her delusional, ruin her reputation and shatter her life. 

The only witness who can ID the rapist...

Is a dog. 

Now, Macy’s secret is in danger, because she has no choice but to share it. She must find a way to make the smoking hot detective believe her. But there’s more danger than she knows, as the criminal draws near, seeking to silence her and her gift, for good.

The Widow's
Timeless Wager

A RITA® AWARD NOMINATED time-travel romance that will warm your heart and stir your soul

A woman on a mission....

19th century widow, Emily Hawkins, is raising her sister’s orphaned children and trying to save their farm, the only home the two kids have ever known, from a greedy banker who wants more than just a mortgage payment. She has until fall to raise a crop, harvest it, sell it, and pay off the loan to get the lecherous man off her back.

 A man out of time...

21st century con man Jack McCain vowed never to work a day in his life. And he was smart enough, smooth enough, and charming enough, to make plenty of money without having having to. Right up until he conned the wrong people and wound up running for his life through the woods near his childhood home.

Brought together across ages...

In those very same woods, there’s said to be a magic wishing well that appears only when needed and only to those deserving of its powers. And somehow, when Jack dives for cover from the bullets flying after him, he lands in Emily’s time.

Is Emily the answer to Jack’s wish, or is he the answer to hers?

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From the first time she touches Alex, she knows...

Melissa's attraction to her new boss is immediate and irresistible. But so is her sense that he's fighting an otherworldly battle, and needs her help to survive.

 Her dreams never lie...

And in those dreams, a man who looks a lot like Alex murders a woman who looks a lot like Melissa. To help him means putting herself in danger. To turn away means safety for her, but his very soul is at risk.

What they don't know might kill them...

A powerful evil from beyond the grave seeks to steal Alex's life, and will take Melissa's too, if she gets in the way.

Is the power of love stronger than the power of evil? 

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"Spellbound, Maggie Shayne"

Magic By Moonlight

The delightful tale of a swashbuckling defender magically transported into the modern era!"

She's never believed in magic...

But when MC gets herself on a dangerous criminal’s hit list, she is desperate enough to take refuge with her aunt, who considers herself a witch.

She isn’t supposed to touch the Book of Shadows…

But she can’t seem to stop herself from just leafing through the mystical pages. She find the ancient protection spells amusing. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was really that easy?

For kicks, she reads one outloud…

And a strong, handsome, very confused hero steps right out of history and into her aunt’s living room.

Is love truly timeless?

Will she live long enough to find out?

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Witch Moon

Being a Witch in a small town is hard...

Being a Witch and a high school teacher is even harder.

But when horrible crimes with “occult” trappings begin happening by night in Ezra Township, things get dangerous for Mirabella. And when one of her teenage students dies, they get downright deadly.

A modern-day Witch hunt begins...

Mirabella cannot refuse to help a motherless teenage Witch who doesn’t understand her own, newly budding powers. But doing so puts her at even greater risk of discovery by a locals caught in the dearly grip of fear and superstition.

And the girl’s widowed father might be the greatest threat of all.

Bonus Content

Along with this paranormal romance by New York Times Bestselling author and real life modern day Witch Maggie Shayne, you’ll get a special treat! Actual Spells from Maggie’s own personal Book of Shadows!

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Everything She Does

Is Magic

A funny gem from the awesome mind of Maggie Shayne!"

The prophecy is clear...

And little Aurora’s 3 aunts are convinced neighbor boy Nathan is the chosen one, destined for their niece.

There's just one catch...

He must remain a virgin until he and Aurora consummate their love. And that’s going to take some time, since the two must first grow up, and then get over the fact that they don’t even like each other.

Nathan thinks he's cursed...

All grown up and unable to get laid if his life depends on it, Nathan is sure something supernatural is going on. So he turns to the only witch he knows, never suspecting that she is his destiny, his soulmate, and maybe the bane of his existence.

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A Love Story

At home, everything has changed...

When vegan, organic food-loving Suz returns to her hometown amid the red rocks of Arizona, everything is different. Her mother has morphed from a wilting wallflower into a gun-wielding sharpshooter and the Frankenfood corporation she most loves to hate has built a processing plant on the edge of town.

He's changed, most of all...

Her nerdy high school boyfriend Chuck has evolved into a card carrying hunk, making her plan to let him down easy a little harder to carry out. As a matter of fact, she might not want to break up, after all.

Terror has moved in to their hometown...

But neither of them realize the biggest change of all—not until it starts clawing at Suz’s bedroom window in the middle of the night.

A hippy and nerd must save the ones they love-and find true love along the way.

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