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Halloween Reads

Haunting Halloween Reads! 

My inspiration has always been Maggie Shayne and her Wings in the Night series.


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This is the GOLDEN LEAF AWARD winning novel that earned Maggie Shayne her first CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from RT Book Club and FAVORITE AUTHOR OF THE YEAR from Affaire du Coeur.

His body is perfect. It's also been frozen solid for centuries…
When Miranda O’Shea uncovers the perfectly preserved body of the legendary Viking warrior known as The Plague of the North, it’s the find of her career. But someone else wants it, and a break-in at the lab sends the climate controls haywire, nearly killing her aging father.

Now he's thawing…
Miranda returns from the hospital to find her specimen thawed, and as she scrambles to reset the temperature controls, he draws an anguished breath. His first breath in more than 900 years.

A Whole New World…
Rolf Magnusson's world and everyone he loved have been lost to the storm tossed seas of time, and he finds himself in a strange new world he cannot begin to understand, with a woman who seems afraid of him as she is fascinated by him. She's been hurt by another man, he realizes. Not a plundering Viking berserker, but a civilized man of her own time, who hides his brutality under his ridiculous suit and necktie. 

He enjoys striking fear into every heart but hers…

With Miranda, he finds himself wanting to show tenderness. And to pulverize the one who hurt her. But first, the two of them will have to survive those learned men of this modern time. Men who think themselves more advanced, more intelligent, more evolved–and who wish to dissect him and who will kill her if she stands in their way.

“Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun, Maggie Shayne reinvents romance!” –RT Book Club

If you enjoy the hit TV show VIKINGS you are going to love this book!


Book 1 of a brand new series!

An innocent child…

The research facility that is the subject of whispers and wild speculation, burns to the ground. That same night, a little girl is found wandering alone, burned and sooty, wearing a hospital gown and a bracelet identifying her as SUBJECT 92751.

A lifetime of lies…

Fiona Fairweather has spent her entire life in the small town of Foyers on the shores of Loch Ness. But everything changes when she returns home from celebrating college graduation, to find her parents lying on the floor. With her final breaths, her mother tells the truth, that she wasn't born to them, and that the truth about her origins could put her in grave danger.

A dangerous stranger…

Quinn Collins arrives from the States to investigate her parents' deaths. Fiona is drawn to him in spite of the threat he represents, for he works at the place that now stands on the site of that long ago fire. Can she trust him? Is he truly there to investigate, or has he come to fetch her back into captivity?

A daring quest for truth…

To find out who she really is, Fiona risks returning to the US where her parents found her, and accepting a job in the rebuilt facility from she'd fled as a toddler. She jumps into the lion's den, and Quinn Collins is one of the biggest lions there.

A soul-wrenching discovery…

DPI only does research on extra-humans, so it makes no sense to Fiona that she was once a “subject” there. But what she learns is almost too shocking to believe, for not only was Fiona born in the DPI, she was made there.

The truth awakens…

On her 300th full moon, something foreign that's been sleeping inside Fiona all her life, stirs awake and begins to grow strong. Will she fight it, or embrace it? Will it co-exist with her or possess her? And will Quinn Collins keep her secrets, or will he be the instrument of her ultimate destruction?

Three Witches and a Zombie!

These four spooky Maggie Shayne tales will add some pumpkin spice to those chilly autumn nights.

Everything She Does is Magic Nathan can’t get laid to save his life, and he’s starting to think he might be cursed. He’s closer to the truth than he knows. His lifelong frenemy’s three aunts are witches, after all, who believe he’s destined to father their niece’s special child—but the prophecy states he has to be a virgin when he does. Hilarity ensues!
A sidesplittingly funny, yet deeply moving Halloween romance.

Witch Moon Teenagers are dying in crimes with occult trappings, entangling small-town teacher Mirabella St. Angeline in a web suspicion. A student need pleads for help in understanding her own strange powers, but helping the girl means coming out of the broom closet in a town where with witch-hysteria of days gone by, has begun anew.
A breathlessly suspenseful romantic thriller!

Magic By Moonlight A spunky PI in trouble with a dangerous crook, hides out at her eccentric aunt’s spooky old house in the country. Snooping through Auntie’s Book of Shadows is expressly forbidden, but Mary Catherine—MC—does it anyway, and accidentally conjures a hero from another time and place, never suspecting he is everything she’s been wishing for.
A funny, touching, emotional, sexy—and did I say funny?—Halloween treat!

Zombies! A Love Story. When vegan hippy Suz returns to her hometown amid the red rocks of Arizona, everything has changed. Her mom has morphed from a wilting wallflower into a gun wielding sharpshooter, the Frankenfood corporation she loves to hate has built a plant on the edge of town, and her nerdy high school sweetheart has evolved into a grade-A kick-ass hunk. But the biggest change in Bloody Gulch is the one that comes clawing at her bedroom window her first night home.
Fun, sexy, exciting—A perfect fall thrill ride.

Everything She Does

Is Magic

A funny gem from the awesome mind of Maggie Shayne!"

The prophecy is clear...

And little Aurora’s 3 aunts are convinced neighbor boy Nathan is the chosen one, destined for their niece.

There's just one catch...

He must remain a virgin until he and Aurora consummate their love. And that’s going to take some time, since the two must first grow up, and then get over the fact that they don’t even like each other.

Nathan thinks he's cursed...

All grown up and unable to get laid if his life depends on it, Nathan is sure something supernatural is going on. So he turns to the only witch he knows, never suspecting that she is his destiny, his soulmate, and maybe the bane of his existence.

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Get Home Before



Professor Jennifer Rose is in a Louisiana bayou for one reason–to track down the truth behind recent sightings of a loup-garou. A werewolf. She doesn’t believe in such things, of course. She expects to find an animal no one’s ever seen before. Discovering a previously unknown species would make her career as a scientist.

But what she finds amid the mists and Spanish moss on the first night of the full moon isn’t at all scientific. A lycanthrope in mid-morph takes a swipe at her before loping off into the marsh.


That’s not the only weird thing happening around the historic plantation where she and her crew are staying. The head of her department is acting more like a stalker, her grad student assistants are spying on her, and the housekeeper is a Voodoo priestess who knows far more than she’s saying.

The sexy town doctor who tends the wolf-inflicted wounds on Jenny’s chest isn’t what he seems, either. She’s dangerously attracted to the secretive loner, and determined to learn what he’s hiding.


Jenny knows where she’ll find the answers, but the bayou’s a dangerous place for a woman alone on a full moon night.

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Magic By Moonlight

The delightful tale of a swashbuckling defender magically transported into the modern era!"

She's never believed in magic...

But when MC gets herself on a dangerous criminal’s hit list, she is desperate enough to take refuge with her aunt, who considers herself a witch.

She isn’t supposed to touch the Book of Shadows…

But she can’t seem to stop herself from just leafing through the mystical pages. She find the ancient protection spells amusing. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was really that easy?

For kicks, she reads one outloud…

And a strong, handsome, very confused hero steps right out of history and into her aunt’s living room.

Is love truly timeless?

Will she live long enough to find out?

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Night Vision

Megan Rose's Recurring Dream

She has been having the same dream since she was 12 years old. She sees a beautiful man, and hears a woman's voice, say, "Break the curse. Save his life."

A gift given...

She's had visions since childhood, but her father called her a liar and her mother said they came from the devil. They both tried to punish her sins away. No one believed her when she said her father would drive drunk one too many times. And when he died, just as she'd said he would, she was blamed. And not just by others. She blamed herself. She knew it would happen, but she couldn't stop it. She had failed.

A gift withdrawn...

The visions were muted after that. Oh, she'd know who was calling, or where to find a parking spot, but nothing important came anymore. Her deepest wish was that one day, she'd have a vision she could use to do something good. Something important. Something big.

The dream, though, that never faded. That lived on.

Back with a vengeance...

Now her gift has returned with a terrifying vengeance. And when she gets pulled over for speeding by a cop who looks just like the man in her recurring dream, and she knows it's all connected. He's Sam Sheridan, the man she's supposed to save.

She's being given another chance to do something important with her gift. Another chance to save a life. But it's only going to work if she can convince Sam to believe her.

Break the curse. Save his life.

She intends to do both those things, and maybe fulfill her destiny.
 But she never imagined that she might be saving Sam's life at the cost of her own.

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From the first time she touches Alex, she knows...

Melissa's attraction to her new boss is immediate and irresistible. But so is her sense that he's fighting an otherworldly battle, and needs her help to survive.

 Her dreams never lie...

And in those dreams, a man who looks a lot like Alex murders a woman who looks a lot like Melissa. To help him means putting herself in danger. To turn away means safety for her, but his very soul is at risk.

What they don't know might kill them...

A powerful evil from beyond the grave seeks to steal Alex's life, and will take Melissa's too, if she gets in the way.

Is the power of love stronger than the power of evil? 

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The Widow's
Timeless Wager

A RITA® AWARD NOMINATED time-travel romance that will warm your heart and stir your soul

A woman on a mission....

19th century widow, Emily Hawkins, is raising her sister’s orphaned children and trying to save their farm, the only home the two kids have ever known, from a greedy banker who wants more than just a mortgage payment. She has until fall to raise a crop, harvest it, sell it, and pay off the loan to get the lecherous man off her back.

 A man out of time...

21st century con man Jack McCain vowed never to work a day in his life. And he was smart enough, smooth enough, and charming enough, to make plenty of money without having having to. Right up until he conned the wrong people and wound up running for his life through the woods near his childhood home.

Brought together across ages...

In those very same woods, there’s said to be a magic wishing well that appears only when needed and only to those deserving of its powers. And somehow, when Jack dives for cover from the bullets flying after him, he lands in Emily’s time.

Is Emily the answer to Jack’s wish, or is he the answer to hers?

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A gripping story of small town secrets. The suspense will keep you guessing. The characters will steal your heart.

Gingerbread Man

Since the day her baby sister was taken, Holly’s mind hasn’t been the same. PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares and blocked memories have plagued her ever since. And now they’ve returned.

Hard-edged Detective Vince O’Malley’s most recent case penetrated even his protective shell. Ordered to take time off to recover, he can’t let go, and on his own, follows the clues to Holly’s small upstate NY town.

His presence stirs ghosts from the past, shadows of a little girl lost, the suspicions of some tight-lipped locals with secrets to hide, and more than that inside Holly’s fragile mind and untouched heart.

Crossover book, linked to the Brown and de Luca series title GIRL BLUE.

Publisher's Weekly

A moving mix of high suspense and romance, this haunting Halloween thriller will propel readers to bolt their doors at night.


Wings in the Night: Reborn

Maggie relaunched her classic vampire series to help new readers find a sane place to begin, without having to go back through the 20 books of the original series. (Unless of course, you want to!)

In the Wings in the Night universe, the only humans who can become vampires are those with the rare Belladonna Antigen. Such humans are prone to bleeding out and usually die very young, rarely living to see 40 years. 

Vampires sense such humans, and find it nearly impossible to harm them. In fact, they are compelled to protect and watch over the mortals they call The Chosen. 

In Maggie's vampire world, the senses of the vampire are heightened almost beyond endurance. They feel everything a hundred times more strongly than humans.

Pain can be crippling, eventually fatal.

Passion can be so intense it can shred the mind and annihilate the will.

Vampires are drawn to The Chosen, and for each, there's one with whom the psychic bond is blown out of all proportion.

The Division of Paranormal Investigations, the powerful government agency devoted to the extermination of the undead, is a bigger threat to both than ever before, for now that the existence of vampires has been exposed to the public, they no longer have to hide their grim work.

But there are even more deadly enemies that DPI now, because the world of man is scared, and it tends to kill whatever it fears.

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They told 20-year-old Charlie O’Malley that they had a cure for the rare blood condition that would eventually kill her–an untested, experimental cure. All they wanted in return was for her to join their elite military team and train to kill the Undead.

She took the deal, not because she cared so much about extending her life, but because it would make her strong–stronger than ordinary humans. Strong enough to kill the vampire who’d pretended to love her, taken her blood, used her body, and murdered her mother.

Killion was the last of his kind, or so he thought. When he found Charlie, he felt the pull. She had the rare Belladonna Antigen all vampires had as humans. Vampires were compelled to protect those rare mortals they called The Chosen. But with Charlie, the bond was different, more powerful than anything he’s felt before, and impossible to resist, even though surrendering to it will probably get him killed.

Ancient vampire elders Rhiannon and Roland come out of exile, risking their lives to help their mortal friend Roxy reclaim her granddaughter. But before the tale ends, their lives will be forever changed.

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20 Book Series!


Hauntingly beautiful stories of a love that endures through time itself.



Inspired by HIGHLANDER

These three books feature authentic Witchcraft, with an immortal twist. 


WINNER: RT Book Reviews: Reviewers Choice Award
WINNER: Reviewer's Listserv: Best Paranormal Romance Award 
WINNER: New Jersey Romance Writers: Golden Leaf Award
One of BN.com's “Top 12 Reads of the Year”

300 years ago, Raven St. James was hanged for witchcraft. But she revives among the dead to find herself alive. She is an Immortal High Witch, one of the light. A note from her mother warns that there are others, those of the Dark, who preserve their own lives by taking the hearts of those like her.

Duncan Wallace’s forbidden love for the secretive lass costs him his life. 

300 years later, he loves her again, tormented by hazy memories of a past that can’t be real. She tells him of another lifetime, claims to be immortal. Though he knows she’s deluded, he can’t stay away. And the Dark Witch after her heart is far closer than either of them know.


WINNER: P.E.A.R.L. Award

By dark of night and shining moon, Arianna, shovels earth from the center of an ancient and crumbling stone circle in her Scottish homeland. Five centuries ago, she buried her new husband here when an Immortal High Witch, one of the Dark Ones, took his mighty heart. But now she’s retrieved it. It beats, still, in the box where it has been imprisoned all this time. She intends to replace it, to bring him back to her. And that he died hating her, blaming her, is just something she’ll worry about later.

This stunning sequel to ETERNITY takes us back to the 1500s in the Scottish Highland to tell the powerful love story of Arianna and Nicodimus, and its tragic end, then sweeps us into the present day, where that ending finds its chance to be re-written, but the evil that tore them apart lurks, waiting for a chance to destroy them both once and for all.


Nidaba, the high priestess he adored, had supposedly died in a fire more than four thousand years ago. But when the one-time King of Sumer, Eannatum, now living a quiet life as modern Nathan King, sees her photo in a newspaper, he has to know for sure. 

He finds the once powerful High Priestess of Inanna in a locked mental unit, catatonic and alone. But when he breaks her out, taking her to his peaceful haven to make her well again, he doesn’t know that the dark one who tore them apart long ago is watching, or that he is putting his new life, and all those he loves, at terrible risk.

Scenes from the land of Ancient Sumer are skillfully blended into this contemporary novel, through flashbacks, memories and dreams, much like what is done in TV series like Lost, Revolution, and Once Upon a Time. 



Thirteen little girls are sired by a power-hungry king with delusions of grandeur. His actions are guided by self-serving prophets who crave nothing more than power of their own.

Thirteen little girls are trained to fight, to kill, until only one remains. The survivor will be used as a tool by those in authority, a puppet of her father and his soothsayers. 


But when the boy she loves is torn brutally from her life, Puabi will be used no longer. And so begins her rise to power in one ancient city-state after another. In her quest for vengeance, she will rip the crown from the heads of a corrupt king, and she will steal the immortality from his heart, even though doing so will cost her very soul. 

She is the darkest villain among her kind. 


And yet, there is hope for redemption, even for one as evil as she. The journey she must take in a quest for healing, wholeness, for restoration of her true self, is one that will sweep readers irresistibly into its current. 

This epic novel truly lives up to its predecessors, every one of which won industry awards and rave reviews. 

Set in the splendorous city states of Ur and Lagash where civilization (arguably) began, IMMORTALITY, A DARK WITCH’S EPIC TALE, is the fictional story Queen Puabi of Ur. Puabi was an actual queen, the only Queen on the infamous “King’s List” without “Wife of King __” beside her name. She ruled in the 26th century BCE in ancient Mesopotamia, and many of her grave goods are on display at the University of Pennsylvania Museum.


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