Maggie’s Favorite Things

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These things are either on my holiday wish list, or would be if I didn't already have them. So I thought I'd take a hint from Oprah and share my favorite things with you. I'm putting these in random order, so scroll and browse. Prices range from $10 to over $100, and the categories jump around a bit. But these are all things I love and you or those on your gift list might just love some of them too. And I'll be adding more as I think of them!

Top of the list, Amazon Prime. It pays for itself every year with the free shipping alone. I could get by without it, by why would I? I think it's a great gift idea.








71IV8kKmFjS._SL1500_Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker

I went through a half dozen waffle makers before I found the perfect one! This is an amazing, long lasting device that makes perfect, fat, fluffy waffles every single time. I use it to make Lance's favorite blueberry waffles at least once a week. Love this puppy.












30614PerfectScentsyLampshadeFW2014Scentsy Warmers and Fragrances

I just adore these plug in warmers. I have three and still want more. They come in dozens of designs and colors and there are hundreds of scents to fill them. You just plug them in, add a fragrance bar (a little scented wax cube) and as it melts, it fills your space with beautiful aromas. My mother in law is a Scentsy Consultant, so I'm posting her page link here. I am telling you, these things are must haves.











31Op+bWLa-LAveda Smooth Infusion Gift Set

I adore Aveda products. The company is one of those rare businesses that are friendly to the environment, globally responsible, generous and ethical, too. Not to mention they make my hair look great!


















Unknown-4The Science of Miracles, DVD by Gregg Braden

I just love everything this author/scientist/guru writes, says and teaches. He's traveled the world studying with holy men and women of every ilk, and the lessons he's brought back are life altering.













41xnAmnDgNLTowel Warmer, by Brookstone


I throw my favorite bathrobe into the dryer while I'm in the shower, just so I can put it on all warm afterward. This is awkward, as my bathroom and my dryer are on separate floors. So I put this baby on my wish list.














51jrhiQb6XL-2THE SHIFT DVD by Dr. Wayne Dyer


This is a life changing DVD and I watch it over and over. It's about finding meaning and purpose no matter your age or what's happening in your life. It's about realizing what's important. A wonderful, touching, meaningful movie you'll watch over and over. I loved it so much I bought ten copies and gave them away.










This little device keeps track of how much you're moving, how many calories you're burning, and how you're sleeping. If you sit still too long, it prompts you to get up and move. Nice.








Unknown-5Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition
Comes in blue, pink or green.
2 year worry-free guarantee.
If they break it, Amazon replaces it, no questions asked. No matter what.







Bose SoundDock XTsounddock_xt-1
My 1st gen Bose SoundDock finally died, and I'm lost without it. This smaller version is more affordable, and will fit better than the bigger one anyway!







51dd10w37wL._AA160_Aloe Infused Socks 
$10.88 (3 pairs)
I just love these aloe infused socks. They're like giving my feet a warm hug and a spa treatment all in one.







71FVDphgQ9L._SY355_Thermos Brand Travel Mug
Best travel mug I've ever owned. Keeps coffee almost too hot. I wouldn't trade it for the world.