Magic of Rush

Jayne Anne Krentz#1 NY Times Bestselling Author

Maggie Shayne writes novels with sweeping intensity and bewitching passion!

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Kara SkinnerLover's Quarrel Reviews

…an epic adventure with romance, deception, and magic. Adam Reid is breathtakingly sexy. - The plot is fantastic right up to the heart wrenching climax."

By Magic Beguiled

A full length novel of 90,000+ words


*Originally titled, Fairytale.

Brigit wants a normal life…
..for herself and her quirky roomie and best friend, Razor Face Malone. Her uncanny skills with brush and canvas got her off the streets, but she’s left her life of forgery behind.

Then a dangerous man kidnaps Raze. He’ll kill him unless she does what he says: get into a reclusive professor's life, into his home, forge a replica of a painting he owns, and switch it for the original.


His prized possession…
Adam Reid saw the place in real life—that same impossible world that’s depicted in the painting that is his prized possession. He’d written off his childhood journey as a hallucination. But then he found the painting. So if he was never really there, how is it some artist saw it too?

He'll protect his painting at any cost.
She'll steal it, no matter what it takes.

On opposite sides of a conflict neither can afford to lose, with more than just their own lives at stake, the last thing they need is passion, desire, or God forbid love.

Fans of films like The Huntsman and the TV series Once Upon a Time will devour this fantasy romance series.

All I wanted was a cutesy book to read while waiting on the bus. I didn't want to get myself entangled with fantastic characters or sucked into a beautifully written world."


  • GOLD MEDALLION, RT Book Reviews
  • READERS POLL FAVORITE, Affaire du Coeur magazine
  • SAPPHIRE AWARD Science Fiction Fantasy Online Bookstore


My inspiration has always been Maggie Shayne...."

By Magic Enchanted

*Originally titled, Forever Enchanted

Driven from her home…
Bridin is in hiding, in exile, awaiting the man foretold to find her and help her reclaim her destiny.

The last man she expects is her darkest enemy, the villain who took it all away from her and drove her from her home.

She is his worst enemy…
But Tristan has to find a way to win Bridin’s trust. Only together can they oust a tyrant and free their enslaved people. A battle awaits, both between them and beyond them. But they must prevail with the passionate magic of true love.

Fans of films like The Huntsman and the TV series Once Upon a Time will love this fantasy romance!

Maudeen WachsmithAn Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer!

Sharing elements of both THE STAND by Stephen King and the movie ‘The Terminator,’ with all the magic and wonder of a Disney fairytale, Maggie Shayne weaves a mesmerizing tale of true love that is sure to enchant readers everywhere.

By Magic Born

*Originally titled, Annie's Hero.

Sweethearts since childhood…
Annie and Richard shared an unparalleled love filled with tenderness, passion and joy, until the tragic day Richard crashed his rig to avoid a busload of children, and left his adoring wife pregnant and alone.

But Richard is not gone…
Magic claimed him before Death could, and swept him away to train and to serve in the Hall of Heroes, in the hidden Realms of Rush. And now he has returned with no recollection of the man he once was – a modern knight on a mission to protect his own wife and their unborn child from the forces of darkness.

A love more powerful than magic…
Annie sees through the magic that should’ve disguised her husband from her. She doesn’t know how it’s happened but he’s back. Even though no one else recognizes him, she knows she’s not insane. It’s him and she has to make him remember.

But even if she can, magic wants him back. And magic will not be denied.

“Ms. Shayne augments her growing reputation for some of the best fantasies on the market today."


By Magic Granted

*Originally titled, A Fairy's Wish

She should be happy…
Enya is from an enchanted realm called Rush, a place of magic and mystery, where she has everything a pureblood fairy could wish for. But it’s not enough for her restless spirit. Every year when the path of her floating island home brings her near enough, she flies through the veil to the mortal world, and that’s where she meets a boy called Devon, who draws her like nectar draws hummingbirds.

Devon’s not a boy anymore…
He’s put away those childhood dreams. A tragic loss has left him angry, bitter, and lashing out at the world, almost taunting death. Until the night Death took him up on it. He thought it was the end when a storm ripped his sailboat to bits.

But a beautiful angel saved him…
He’d even seen her wings. When he wakes up on the beach, he’s sure it was all a dream, until the angel returns.

Enya’s made a deal with the devil…
When refused by her queen, she traded with a troll: her wings, her magic, and maybe her life for three days in the mortal world with the man she loves. If she can’t make him fall in love with her before her time expires, she’ll lose it all.

A grownup re-tooling of The Little Mermaid with wings instead of tails, and sizzle added to the sweet.