Shayne’s Supernaturals

SHAYNE’S SUPERNATURALS is a collection of novels and novellas that took romance into unknown realms before “paranormal romance” was even a genre. Experience breathless passion, heart-stopping thrills, and the truest magic of all, the magic of love.

Miranda's Viking

When Miranda O’Shea uncovers the perfectly preserved body of the legendary Plague of the North, it’s the find of her career. But someone else wants it, and a break-in at the lab sends the climate controls haywire, nearly killing her aging father.

Miranda returns from the hospital to find her specimen thawed, and as she scrambles to reset the temperature controls, he draws an anguished breath. His first breath in more than 900 years.

Everything She Does is Magic

When a trio of matchmaking witches chooses unsuspecting little Nathan McBride as the perfect mate for their baby niece, the future looks rosy indeed–except for one little catch: They must keep him a virgin! Hilarity ensues as adult Nathan comes to believe his sex life is cursed and turns to the only witch he knows for help, never knowing that she is his destiny.


Dr. Thomas Duffy had put the odd happenings of his childhood off to a vivid imagination. The odd buzzing sensation in his head that would wake him from a sound sleep, and the night he sneaked out to rescue an imaginary girl, lost in the woods behind his family’s farm.

But when the history he’d convinced himself was just a dream repeats itself, and his new midnight trek into the woods leads him to a grown up version of the same girl, he has no choice but to admit it was for real.

The beautiful Janella is stranded, stalked by mysterious strangers and completely alone. What’s a simple country doctor to do?

Witch Moon

Being a Witch in a small town is hard enough.
Being a Witch and a high school teacher is even harder.
But when horrible crimes with “occult” trappings begin happening by night in Ezra Township, things get dangerous for Mirabella Saint Angeline. And when one of her teenage students dies, they get downright deadly, and a modern day Witch hunt begins in this short novel.

Along with this rare, out of print paranormal romance by New York Times Bestselling author and real life modern day Witch Maggie Shayne, you’ll get a special treat! Actual Spells from Maggie’s own personal Book of Shadows, including spells for protection, money, weight management, problem solving and more.

Zombies:  A Love Story

When vegan, organic food-loving Suz returns to her hometown amid the red rocks of Arizona, everything has changed. Her mother has morphed from a wilting wallflower into a gun wielding sharpshooter, the Frankenfood corporation she most loves to hate has built a processing plant on the edge of town, and her nerdy high school sweetheart has evolved into a card carrying hunk, making her plan to let him down easy a little harder to carry out. But the biggest change Bloody Gulch faces doesn’t happen until the middle of her first night home, when something starts clawing at her bedroom window.

Magic by Moonlight

When private detective M.C. Hammersmith finds herself on the wrong side of a mob boss, she is desperate enough to leave the city and take refuge with her exotic aunt, who considers herself a witch. Going through one of her aunt’s tomes, she reads an ancient protection spell, and is shocked when a hero steps right out of the eighteenth century into her aunt’s living room.