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Book 4:


On Sale AUGUST 4th, 2020

Try not to fall in love with this series. I dare you.


Puabi is the darkest of the Dark High Witches:
Those who extend their lives, their vitality, their youth, by stolen power. She has taken many lives to preserve her own. But to live this way demands a price. A rending of the soul. All that’s good moves on.  

She has loved only once, a man who betrayed, humiliated, and abandoned her. A man who didn’t care that she’d given birth to his dead son, while he was crossing deserts in search of his lover. Puabi had vowed as she buried her child that she would live long enough to exact she’d vengenace, no matter what it took.

But her chance for vengeance has come and gone. Such a disappointment. Her love had left her to burn in a blazing fire. And she did burn, until she threw herself into the sea.

But Immortals don't die easily…
So she rides the ocean currents, drowning, reviving, over and over. And each time she's submerges into memories of a past she'd thought long buried. The seas rinses away the sands that have covered thousands of years of her story. For she did not love only once. She had loved before, a love of innocence, and sheer perfection A love that had been everything. Everything. 

Eventually, she is pulled from the sea and into the arms of an ordinary mortal man. 

She’s angry at being saved…
She’d been ready to die. Sooner or later, her power would expire. Without another immortal’s heart–and she knew she would never take another–she would die. It was time. Past time.

But it is no accident the ocean’s currents carried her to this particular island, to this particular man. The Goddess has brought her this way. For a part of Puabi is missing, the part that can make her whole again. 

Though he doesn’t yet realize it, Matthew is the only one who knows where to find it.  And in the process, he, too, will find what he thought he’d lost forever, and mend his broken heart with the immortal, eternal power of love.

Book 1


Try not to fall in love with this series. I dare you.


Sentenced to die…
300 years ago, Raven St. James was hanged for witchcraft. But she revives among the dead to find herself alive. She is an Immortal High Witch, one of the light. A note from her mother warns that there are others, those of the Dark, who preserve their own lives by taking the hearts of those like her.

He tries to save her…
Studying as a priest, Duncan Wallace’s forbidden love costs him his vocation, and nearly his mind. It becomes and obsession that lasts all his life. 

But then he lives again…
300 years later, he loves her again, tormented by hazy memories of a past that can’t be real. She tells him of another lifetime, claims to be immortal. Though he knows she’s deluded, he can’t stay away. And the Dark Witch after her heart is far closer than either of them know.

"A rich, sensual, bewitching adventure of good vs. evil, with love as the prize."


Hauntingly beautiful stories of a love that endures through time itself.

  • THE IMMORTALS is a Multi-Award-Winning Series!
  • WINNER: RT Book Club Reviewers Choice Award
  • WINNER: Reviewers Listserv, Best Paranormal Romance
  • WINNER: New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award
  • WINNER: P.E.A.R.L.E. Award of Excellence
  • WINNER: Barnes and Noble Top 10 Romances of the Year

Book 2


By dark of night and shining moon…
Arianna, shovels earth from the center of an ancient and crumbling stone circle in her Scottish homeland. Five centuries ago, she buried her new husband here when an Immortal High Witch, one of the Dark Ones, took his mighty heart. But now she’s retrieved it.

Her love's heart still beats…
In the box where it has been imprisoned all this time. She intends to replace it, to bring him back to her. And that he died hating her, blaming her, is just something she’ll worry about later.

This stunning sequel to ETERNITY takes us back to the 1500s in the Scottish Highland to tell the powerful love story of Arianna and Nicodimus and its tragic end, then sweeps us into the present day, where that ending finds its chance to be re-written, but the evil that tore them apart lurks, waiting for a chance to destroy them both once and for all.

Maggie Shayne reinvents romance!

Maggie ShayneAuthor, Witch, Priestess

If you're going to read stories about Witches, read stories written BY Witches. Maggie Shayne has studied, practiced and taught within The Craft of the Wise for decades, and is a High Priestess, Elder and legal clergy.

Book 3


He believed her long dead…
Nidaba, the high priestess he adored, had supposedly died in a fire more than four thousand years ago. But when the the Immortal King Eannatum, now living a quiet life in the modern world as Nathan King, sees her photo in a newspaper, he has to know for sure. 

A broken woman…
He finds the once powerful High Priestess and Witch in a locked mental unit, catatonic and alone. But when he breaks her out, taking her to his peaceful haven determined to make her well again, Nathan doesn’t know that the Dark One who tore them apart long ago is watching, putting his new life, and all those he loves, at terrible risk.

Scenes from the land of Ancient Sumer are skillfully blended into this contemporary novel, through flashbacks, memories and dreams, much like what is done in TV series like Lost, Revolution, and Once Upon a Time.

Intense, mystical and lyrical.... One of romantic fantasy's most accomplished authors

My inspiration has always been Maggie Shayne!"